Board and Training is charged per calendar month. All training fees are billed in advance. Any vet, shoeing and / or show fees are billed in after the service.

How often do we ride?

While home and not at a show, we ride a minimum of 5 days a week. We try to keep Saturdays open for lessons. We save Sundays for family time.

What is included in training fees?

Your monthly training fee covers your horses board charge. Stall - shavings- hay - grain- and turn out time. It then also covers any and all riding time that we spend with your horse. It does not cover any vet, farrier or any show expenses.

How often can I come and ride?

You are welcome to come into the ranch and ride your horses as often as you can. In fact we encourage as much riding time as possible, especially if we are getting you ready for a show!