Our Approach

Our Approach

When it comes to training the equine athlete, Andrew uses his wealth of knowledge that has been built up over the last 20+ years while working for some of the best in the industry. Each horse is treated as and trained as an individual. Like people each horse is just a little different, and as such each one learns at a different rate. One of Andrew's favorite sayings is " Its All Common Sense And Physics'' which makes a lot of sense when you think about it logically.!

Our Story

Our Story

Andrew and Rachel both have an extensive background with horses. Originally from the United Kingdom, they both grew up around horses. Andrew grew up with a horse family who trained show jumping and dressage, and also had jockeys in the family. They both attended and graduated from CCAH in Cambridge with distinction in Equine Sciences. They moved over here to the USA in early 2008 -chasing a dream...

Meet the Team


Andrew Fox

Head Trainer and Coach


Rachel Fox

Barn Manager ( The Boss )


Andrea Meinhart